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Code Red
Our Price: $5.00

Mountain du with a fruity infusion.
Baja Blast
Our Price: $5.00

We infused our Mountain Du vape with a tropical twist and this is what came out. It's not only at your favorite taco shop now!
Chocolate Hazelnut
Our Price: $5.00

Nutella ain’t got nothing on this flavor! Want to know why? compares but it wont get you fat! LOL! True story.
Peach Mango
Our Price: $5.00

This is like the best Peach Mango candy you’ve never had. That’s right we said it, there’s nothing like it!
Monstar Energy Vape
Our Price: $5.00

Heard of the placebo effect? Well this flavor will definitely bring out the monster in you without the ginseng and guarana!
Mountain Du
Our Price: $5.00

That perfect blend of sweet and sour citrus paradise! Want to add a little pizzaz to it, then try Baja Blast, or Code Red.
Our Price: $5.00

This is your oasis for any situation.
Toasted Almond
Our Price: $5.00

Toast some almonds in the fire and put them in your E-Cig, technically that’s what you’re doing.
Nipple Berry Punch
Our Price: $5.00

Funny name, we know! This flavor is sweet, refreshing and berrylishious! A top seller for sure! By the way if your curious about the name its an inside about the owner.
Tiger's Blood
Our Price: $5.00

Remember that flavor from Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we've tried to recreate this favor, and let me tell you it's pretty fierce!